Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging Solutions for Lower-Volume Products and Start-up Situations

Purchasing blister packaging equipment is a costly investment requiring long production runs. Fapco offers a lower volume blister packing alternative. Fapco’s blister packing machine is well-suited for shorter runs, making blister packaging an option for lower-volume products and start-up situations. Contact Fapco today to explore blister packaging as an option for your product line.

The Blister Packaging Process

Blister packaging represents one of the most widely used packaging methods. It is utilized for packing countless items and furnishes a number of advantages, including ease of printing and ease of access to contents.

There are a number of design options available with the blistering process.

A “face-seal” seal blister is where the plastic is created with an outer flange which is sealed using dedicated sealing “nests” that press heat in the flange area to activate the glue on the blister card which secures the blister and the product to the card.

The blister card, which is made of SBS and is a rigid substrate (has an industry standard thickness of .020”) can be used to merchandise products vertically by incorporating a die-cut hang hole (often referred to as a “Sombrero” because of its shape) into the top of each card.

Another option of carded blistering is the “Trap” blister. This is where one fold-over blister card or a two-carded solution will “trap” the flanges of the custom blister in-between the cards to give the overall package a cleaner, more finished look.

Custom forming creates unique blister packs for each item they contain, setting them apart from competing retail items. And when cards are attached, sellers can use the space to incorporate graphics and product information on the flat surfaces provided by the cards

Formed plastic packaging has a bad reputation in some circles, due to the amount of plastic waste it generates and for the occasional difficulty consumers experience getting to the products inside. As a result, trending innovations in blister packaging include eco-friendly packages that use recycled materials as well as improvements put in place for the benefit of blister pack end-users.

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