Carton Packaging

Carton Packaging

Low-volume Carton Packaging by Hand or Semi-automated Longer Runs

Carton packaging is perhaps the most versatile package design, available in a wide range of carton sizes, strengths and designs to fit the needs of almost any product. Box cartons provide excellent protection and present opportunities for graphics via printing or labeling. Whether your needs call for low-volume carton packaging by hand or semi-automated longer runs with our carton packing machine and carton sealing machine, Fapco can tailor a packaging carton solution for your product.

Carton Packaging Trends

There’s a growing trend in carton packaging evolving today toward sustainable packaging, you may well consider, as you look to the future of your spare parts packaging. Sustainable carton packaging entails using molded pulp from recycled newsprint to form package components, which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

The goal of sustainable carton packaging is to improve the long term viability and quality of life for humans and the longevity of natural ecosystems.

Sustainable packaging is a relatively new addition to the environmental considerations for packaging, requiring more analysis and documentation, taking into consideration package design, choice of materials, processing, and life cycle.

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