Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging

Cost-effective Low-volume Clamshell Packaging Solutions

Clamshell packaging is an increasingly popular retail display option, and with good reason. Versatile clamshell packages combine protection with outstanding visibility, and an almost infinite range of size and shape options make clamshell packaging applicable to a multitude of product types. And unlike blister packages, clamshell packaging can be cost-effective in relatively low volumes. Call Fapco today to find a clamshell packaging solution for your product.

What is a clamshell package?

A plastic clamshell is a one-piece package comprised of two halves joined together by a hinge area allowing the structure to join and close. Plastic clamshells are named after the shell of a clam because it is very similar in form and function.

Plastic clamshell packaging is an excellent and widely used solution for applications that range from general merchandise packaging to high-performance medical packaging and electronics packaging.

  • Clamshell package designs range from straightforward single-cavity — to highly sculpted multi-cavity
  • Offers holding features within a cavity such as shaped cavities to trap movement, press fit dimensions to control movement and under-cuts for snap-in control
  • Plastic clamshells provide visual interest, but more importantly, design flexibility for hard to achieve functionality
  • Clamshell containers can be accented with custom insert trays of similar, or dissimilar, materials to deliver visual interest and/or product holding function
  • Clamshell packaging with unexpected perimeter shapes visually stand out on a crowded retail shelf

If you are using clamshell packaging, there are key things you need to consider, such as length, width, and height, as well as what material you will use. PVC is the most common, but there are many choices, some that are more environmentally friendly than others. Answer some important questions about the thickness of your clamshell packaging material thickness. What should the weight be? Thicker clamshell walls are usually required for heavier items, whereas thinner walls may be used for lighter products. Corrugated or foam inserts may mean the ability to use thinner walls. Depending on the product you will package, you may want to design a graphic insert card or literature. Such literature will require a flat-bottomed pocket in your clamshell package.

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