Bag Packaging

Bag Packaging

Packaging Bags are a Versatile Packaging Solution for Products That Don’t Require Extensive Protections

Packaging bags are an inexpensive and efficient way to package items not requiring extensive protection. The process of packing bags is adaptable to both short and long runs, making this a versatile packaging solution. Packaging bags may be printed on our equipment to provide product identification and one-color graphics, or be preprinted with complex graphics having up to six colors. Using automatic bagging machines, Fapco bagged more than seven million pieces in one year and can design a packaging bag solution for you.

Small Parts Packaging

Whether part of a kitting function or individual item, we offer a wide array of bagging options. Using our auto-bagging systems, we can create small quantities and limited job runs at competitive prices.

Our small bag filler is a simple and reliable, and can be adapted to a variety of sizes and types of bags, like wall paper, poly, and woven. The basic small parts packaging system consists of a bag sealing head with inflatable bladder seal, regulator/gauge, hand valve, load cell, scale controller, and some type of feeding device (screw, vibratory, belt, etc.)

Kitting reduces the quantity of small orders and also ensures that your customers use all the parts required, preventing third-party inferior parts from getting into circulation.

Kits can also be used to supply maintenance staff with routine overhaul parts. Kitting makes it easier for your customer or your maintenance personnel to use.

Fapco, Inc., is a leader in packaging and parts flow management, and the only packaging partner you need. We are capable of providing you with Aftermarket Kit Packaging Solutions, Automated Parts Kitting, VCI Corrosion Protection Application, Automotive Parts Distribution, Material Flow and Resource Planning, Innovative Shipping Materials, Spare Parts PackagingParts Return and Reverse Logistics, Private Label Products, Critical OEM Parts Replacement, ITW Reddi-Pac Packaging Solutions, Tier 1 Automotive Parts Fulfillment, and Just In Time Inventory Warehousing. Your company can focus time, space and resources on your core business, while ensuring the highest levels of support to your customers.

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