“Manufacturers both large and small can actually reduce overhead costs and become more agile by integrating their contract packaging and retail fulfillment systems with a full-service firm like Fapco,” said Fapco President Larry Gardiner.

There are two types of customers that Fapco Inc. can help with creative contract packaging, retail packaging, and fulfillment:

1)     Large manufacturers who may be used to doing some of their packaging in-house or using strategic partnerships with small specialty contract packaging firms. These larger manufacturers may push products to regional distribution centers that then fulfill to retail stores.

2)     Smaller manufacturers who would like to increase their sales to the retail sector, but have a hard time breaking into larger markets because they lack the bar coding and sales projection expertise of an experienced contract packager. Smaller firms may also need help to support the volume and product tracking it takes to sell directly to larger retail outlets.

Scott Sloniker, general manager for Fapco, explained how Fapco partners with both kinds of businesses. “We can design and present bar coding and creative contract packaging solutions, shipping ASNs, (Advanced Shipping Notification), and all of the services retailers need to order, scan, put a product on the shelf, and replenish it once it is sold and goes out the door.”

Fapco Can Make Your Product Retail “Case Ready”

“Here at Fapco we have the ability to walk a manufacturer through the paces to become ‘case ready,’ which means the product is ready to stock, packaged and organized in such a way as to make its integration into the retail environment seamless and foolproof,” said Sloniker. “Whether it’s in a tear away box, hanging bag, or blister packaging packed on cards ready to hang, we help manufacturers large and small through the process of making their products and parts case ready for sale.”

Integrating Retail Inventory and Tracking with Fapco 

“We can break down a bulk order of a product, inventory and track the items with the client’s systems, package to spec, and then distribute to the sales point,” said Gardiner. “Rarely does the packaged product return to the manufacturer for distribution. Fapco usually expedites these programs by shipping the packaged product to the client’s distribution center or directly to the retail outlet level. If a client wants us to develop the ability for retailers to order and track online, we can design a program for that as well.”

“Some companies need a bit of extra help with design and integration into our systems, which is not a problem. At Fapco, it’s all about getting it right and developing a long-term relationship with the customer,” concluded Gardiner.

Whether its clamshell packaging or industrial replacement OEM parts, Fapco Inc. will work to help your business grow. Get Started with Fapco Inc. today!

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