Private Labeling and Warehouse Fulfillment

Private Labeling and Warehouse Fulfillment

Supervisor Steve Hurt explained that Fapco can warehouse and fabricate the materials to handle any private labeling scenario. Within the internal supply chain Fapco takes bulk goods into the warehouse, breaks them down and repackages them into smaller qualities, applies the labels, and ships through to distribution centers for retail or consumer purchase.

“In this case our bar coded label can designate the actual bay door of the distribution center, or the dock number of the port the goods will be shipped from,” said Hurt.

“We have a fast turnaround to handle seasonal fluctuations. When the volume demand goes up, we can meet the demand right away. Some parts come in and go out the next day. One customer we have calls us up and delivers the parts the same day. On a couple of occasions, they dropped the components off and actually waited for an hour and took the parts we had finished with them for a rush order. Only by having all the elements on hand in the warehouse is this kind of rapid response service possible,” concluded Hurt.

The packaging experts at Fapco can help you with nearly any packaging needs, providing top-quality private labeling products, cold seal blister packaging, automated small parts kitting and parts procurement, along with many other types of packaging. Get Started with Fapco Inc. today!

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