Material Flow and Resource Planning

Material Flow and Resource Planning

We have made significant investments in our information systems infrastructure.

Fapco has the systems and technologies to fully support the enterprise resource planning and material flow for any size customer, from the smallest manufacturer to a fully-integrated international conglomerate. We have the knowledge and experience to work with your Information Systems group to ensure information on material flow is accurate and that we are efficiently meeting your distribution resource planning needs and expectations.

Fapco utilizes the state of the art QAD MFG Pro ERP system to control and manage all aspects of enterprise resource planning and distribution resource planning, material flow, task and labor management and shipping – including providing advance shipping notice.

We are committed to a full range of electronic communications for all business transactions in the form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with our customers and suppliers. Our full suite of distribution ERP software, EDI, ASN, FTP and customer direct connect communication capabilities, as well as our experienced staff, means vital support for your customer data exchange requirements.

Our onsite support staff offers many years of experience in business application development, networking, system design, programming and project management skills.

Fapco has made significant investments in our information systems infrastructure to support this key service function of our organization. We view that investment as a valuable asset – and vital tool for ensuring the future success of our customers.

Information Systems Today

Today, almost all organizations use Information and Communication Technologies to efficiently manage their operations, to help managers make better decisions and achieve competitive advantage, and to facilitate seamless internal and external communications with their employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

As businesses grow, especially those intersecting with global relations, information systems are used to manage operations accurately without growing the number of employees. The growing supply chains require that software solutions be used in the following sectors:

  • Web-based ordering
  • Customer relationship management
  • Product configuration

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