Packaging Trends to Be Aware Of

Packaging Trends to Be Aware Of

Since the dawn of time and the rise of intelligent men, innovation has been synonymous with design. The two concepts remain interchangeable, but only to a certain extent. In packaging design, for instance, ground-breaking innovation isn’t always as welcome as we designers would like it to be.

Like products themselves, packaging design heavily depends on current consumer behavior, which helps initiate and promote trends. And while being a trendsetter guarantees a strong competitive edge, choosing to avoid consumer-oriented trends altogether almost never comes without risks.

There is a middle ground to this, though – being innovative within the set boundaries of a certain packaging design trend.

Luckily, there’s always plenty of them to choose from.

Minimalism, Enriched with Bold Elements

Vibrant colors and bold lettering both provide a great juxtaposition to minimalist design, adding a brandable value to an otherwise impactful, but still negative space. Without these visually striking elements, minimalism would simply fail to convey a brand message or explain a product with clarity.

And that’s of paramount importance when it comes to selling goods.

A minimalist packaging design may be visually appealing enough to stand out from the sea of other colorful products, but that, unfortunately, isn’t enough. Unless we’re talking about luxury products, consumers don’t like to be surprised. Instead of mystery, choose a self-explaining minimalist concept.

Retro, Vintage, and Everything in Between

In this networked and overwhelming world we live in, nostalgia sells like hotcakes. Businessmen like to be reminded of simpler times. Tech-savvy consumers like to feel the warmth of a family home. In times when everything is modern, tradition is a commodity with an increasing value.

Hence the explosion of retro and vintage packaging designs.

The special message this kind of packaging conveys is one of universality and timelessness. Over time, these attributes have been associated with either elegance and sophistication or simplicity and coziness. Thanks to this, retro now ranges from hand-drawn illustrations to gold-infused typography.

In Lettering, Compelling Custom Typefaces

Speaking of typography, which is in today’s packaging design world as varied as it is innovative, one general trend comes to the fore – full customization. Instead of perfectly round or intricate remnants of the digital age, we’re seeing irregularities and imperfections, quirky details, and hand-drawn fonts.

It’s the human touch that constitutes this design’s key selling point.

Much of it has to do with our modern-day demands for organic and home-made products, as well as our need to be catered to by brands as individuals. Hand-lettering is as close to personalization as manufactured packaging design can be, while it also makes the brand image more natural and craftier.

The Universal Stories That Life Is Made Of

It’s no secret that contemporary branding relies on storytelling to not only deliver the message of authenticity but also to make the brand more relatable and therefore appealing to consumers. This trend translates to packaging design as well, where it requires a special element called extendibility.

Think designs that entice emotions and use series of similar packagings.

The same product can be marketed in different flavors and packed in containers that extend beyond their individual design. Cans that form a picture or pattern when stacked on top of each other are one illustration of this. More complex examples come from designs that tell stories like comic books.

As a leading contract packaging vendor, Fapco has always strived to discover a fine balance between trendy, evergreen, and mold-breaking, and we’re excited to do that for your brand too.

Let’s set some trends together. Contact us today for more information on how you can incorporate these packaging design trends into your next product packaging.

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