ITW Reddi-Pac Packaging Solutions

ITW Reddi-Pac Packaging Solutions

Fapco has partnered with ITW Reddi Pac to distribute their innovative line of laminated paperboard packaging.

ITW Reddi-Pac manufactures the Reddi-Crate line of tube packaging that is ideal for protecting lengthy parts such as drive shafts, axles, hydraulic cylinders and lightweight extruded components. Reddi-Crate is a lighter weight, lower cost solution to wooden crates.

Fapco also distributes the new Qwik-Crate packaging with a patented design for folding over the ends that eliminates the need for wooden end caps. Ideal for retail packaging or displays, at a lower cost than clamshell packaging, with no upfront tooling costs or large minimum order quantities.

Reddi Pac also manufactures a line of corners and channels for edge protection on pallets or for windows and doors.

Fapco can use Reddi Pac products to develop a custom packaging solution for our customers, or we can custom modify the Reddi Pac materials with runners, inserts or custom lengths to fit your specifications.

More key information about Reddi Pac

Reddi-Crate™ laminated paperboard packaging helps prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling, and is an excellent replacement product for wooden crates that are shipped overseas.

Reddi-Crate can be treated with a variety of protective coatings that offer moisture resistance and corrosion protection. Color printing is available for product identification and point-of-sale merchandising. Reddi-Crate end plugs are available in wood or u-plug material to suit your application.

Qwik-Crate™laminated paperboard packaging provides superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection. Ideal for longer packaging applications, Qwik-Crate’s patented fold-over design eliminates the need for separate end caps and provides end protection for handling and stacking.

Reddi-Pac U-Board™laminated paperboard packaging provides superior edge protection to prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. Its rigid u-channel construction eliminates any added assembly time, creating a durable and more efficient way to protect your products.

All Reddi-Pac products are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

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