Cold Seal Packaging

Cold Seal Packaging

Cold seal packaging is a popular and cost-effective option when appearance is not a top priority.

Cold seal packaging may be constructed with two layers of film, as pictured, or with film/paper or paper/paper combinations. Film and paper widths from 4” to 36” can be accommodated and very long lengths are easily cold seal packaged. Product identification is provided by print and apply labeling capability. The versatility of cold seal packaging makes it a popular packaging alternative for replacement parts.

What is cold seal packaging?

Cold seal packaging, a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on plastic films or laminates, allows packages to be sealed by application of pressure (with no heat or minimal heat).

  • Cold seal adheres with pressure alone
  • Won’t distort or damage heat-sensitive products
  • Allows significantly faster filling speeds than heat-sealing

Cold sealing machines do not require any heat, making them much more energy efficient. And, the removal of heat from the packaging process eliminates any negative effects it could have on the final result, such as curving, discoloration, or deformation of thermoformed parts.

Cold seal packaging also provides potential for significantly more packages per minute with fewer operators, but reducing reject waste, eliminating machine start-up times to warm seal jaws, eliminating jaw maintenance, and keeping pace with line speeds even at maximum speeds—there is no loss of seal performance with changing product feed rates.

Coldseals are typically printed by gravure at both low and high speeds, on a wide range of substrates. Substrates include paper, aluminum, and coated/uncoated, treated/untreated plastic films.

Cold seal technology is based on a coating technique. A water-based emulsion is printed onto a web substrate by means of an engraved gravure cylinder. The key component of the emulsion is natural rubber latex, which provides the cohesive features. These coatings stick preferentially to each other, and almost to no other surfaces.

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