Private Label Products

Private Label Products

Fapco has the capacity, equipment and experience to support Private Label services for your customers.

Fapco can take the private label goods from your production, package it to your customer’s private labeling specifications, warehouse and then distribute – all while saving you the additional investment in space, equipment or technology. Dramatically expand your private label products sales into the retail channel without the major initial investment.

Great for start-ups, seasonal items and low-to-medium-volume Private Label program applications. We can label and package a variety of private label goods to your specifications.

Our private labeling materials can support up to six-color printing to maximize the shelf appearance and appeal in a retail setting and our high-speed, semi- or fully automated equipment can process up to 500,000 private label products per week.

Fapco also has the capacity to warehouse and distribute the finished private label products directly to your customer’s stores or distribution points.

Benefits of Private Labeling

More and more businesses are getting away from the ‘national’ brands and offering their customers a less expensive alternative through private labeling. Though the public generally used to see private labels as low-cost imitations of branded products, private labels have overcome this reputation and office supply retailers are all offering private label products these days.

Private labeling also:

  • Allows you to create your own unique brand identity
  • Promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty
  • Labels can be tailored to meet your specifications
  • Gives you more control over things like pricing, sales and distribution
  • Private label products are only available from you, so the exclusivity means less chance you can be undersold

Note that margins on private label goods are an average of 10% higher than those on similar branded products with higher margins possible; so there is a greater opportunity for higher profit.

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