VCI Corrosion Protection Application

VCI Corrosion Protection Application

Daubert Cromwell Corrosion Protection Products Partner and Distributor

Fapco has partnered with Daubert Cromwell™ to distribute their innovative line of products with volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) for corrosion protection.

Daubert Cromwell VCI packaging material is the premier manufacturer of a full line of volatile corrosion inhibitor packaging for metals, including VCI papers, VCI bags, films, emitters and liquids.

The most common VCI corrosion protection application involves using VCI papers, VCI stretch film or VCI bags to prevent corrosion of spare parts for many months or years before use. Fapco incorporates the use of Daubert Cromwell corrosion protection materials into the packaging process to maintain the quality of the spare parts packaged.

We can also work with our customers to use Daubert Cromwell corrosion protection materials for long-term storage or mothballing excess equipment and operations during downturns to ensure a quick start-up and return to operations.

How VCI Works

Corrosion inhibitor compounds vaporize from the paper or film. They are attracted to the charged surface of the metal by virtue of their polar orientation.

The VCI molecules align on the surface of the metal to a depth of 3 to 5 molecules. This layer of molecules passivates the charged surface and creates a barrier that prevents oxidation. The corrosion cell (the flow of electrons in the metal and the flow of ions in the electrolytic surface layer) is unable to establish itself. Corrosion is halted.

Airtight packing is not required!

Simply store or ship metal parts in VCI packaging. When the parts are unwrapped, the protective layer immediately begins to dissipate. The metal parts are clean, corrosion-free and ready to use. No washing, dipping or cleaning is necessary.

The VCI molecules migrate into recesses and hard to reach areas on even the most complex shapes. The molecules build up on the metal surface until a continuous barrier has formed on the metal part.

This protective layer serves as a barrier, preventing moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen, and other corrosion causing materials from depositing directly on the metal and causing rust and corrosion.

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