Our Thought out Kitting Solutions

Our Thought out Kitting Solutions

Fapco has exceptional skills to provide custom kitting of small parts and fasteners and provides automated parts kitting and aftermarket kit packaging 

Kitting allows for grouping or combining of products through kit assembly, which can be used throughout a variety of industries.

Applications for parts kitting and packaging services

Manufacturing kitting and assembly services has applications for ready-to-assemble spare parts, fasteners, industrial supplies, electronic components, medical devices and supplies, pharmaceuticals packaging, small parts kitting and more.

The combining of products and parts through kit assembly and packaging results in reduction in inventory, packaging and shipping costs. Kitting also results in reduced labor costs, results in improved accuracy and allows for customized packaging.

automated parts kitting solutions

Automated parts kitting solutions

Fapco takes pride in the fact that the company excels in automated parts kitting as well as parts procurement. Excelling in automated packaging kits of small parts and fasteners gives Fapco the capability of packaging small parts into kits, utilizing the latest high-speed systems.

Fapco team members consistently demonstrate small parts kitting and packaging expertise. Although Fapco takes pride in providing kitting that dates back to the basis on which the company was founded, Fapco also possesses the expertise and high-quality performance that makes it an industry leader.

Kitting projects and packaging of small parts

Fapco has a variety of automated parts sorting and kitting machines in-house, including the Kit-Veyors, which makes small parts kitting and packaging that can overwhelm an in-house packaging department simply standard procedure at Fapco.

The company breaks down small parts kitting and packaging into three segments:

  • Low volume kits – Low volume kits are those with less than 50,000 units a year.
  • Mid-tier segment – The mid-tier segment is those with runs of 50,000 to one million kits per year.
  • High volume kits – High volume kits are those over one million pieces a year.

While Fapco shines in mid-tier markets, the company actually shines in all kitting and packaging markets.

Automated parts kit packaging

Whether custom kitting of small parts and/or fasteners for retail sale or inclusion with ready-to-assemble spare parts, Fapco takes pride in high speed automated counting and weighing equipment for fast, consistent production and accuracy of vendor managed inventory in every job.

When companies set up vendor-managed inventory programs (VMI), the companies get exactly what they need, when and where needed, without maintaining an excess inventory.

Fapco helps companies avoid wasted time, eliminate poor record keeping and save money.

The business of aftermarket kit packaging

Fapco has extensive OEM experience in aftermarket kit packaging, ranging from a few different components to kits consisting of more than 100 components.

Fapco recognizes greater demand and investment in parts, service and ongoing maintenance and that after market parts life cycle matter.

Fapco is sophisticated enough and equipped to handle all your aftermarket kit packaging solutions needs.

Finding the perfect kitting and assembly services can be difficult. Fapco, Inc. has the experience that is needed to efficiently and effectively create the kits that you need to continue production. Fapco has years of OEM experience in aftermarket kit packaging and custom kitting with kits that range from a few components to those that have over 100 different components. We work with the individual to create kits and kit packaging that fits each individual part to assist your OEM customers.

Fulfillment Kitting Process & Assembly Services

Our part kitting & assembly services can also handle emergency order shipping to deliver no matter when the need arises. Our capabilities include custom kitting for small parts and/or fasteners for retail sale or inclusion with ready-to-assemble spare parts as well. Our part kitting is supported by high speed automated counting and weighing equipment for the fastest and most consistent production for your kitting and assembly needs. Accuracy of our vendor-managed inventory is verified with ultra-sensitive check weighing equipment that will detect the absence of a single piece creating the most accurate kitting services possible.

Process-Driven Aftermarket Kitting System

Though kitting parts for the aftermarket spare parts business may seem a bit rough and tumble, it is actually a delicate process. Vehicles these days tend to stay on the road far longer than they did in the past creating a higher need for kitting of spare parts and custom kitting. Kitting parts for aftermarket purposes can help keep parts in better states of repair and can help make for easy repairs and replacements on cars that are still running.

Proper sorting, kitting assembly, and kitting in general can help streamline the replacement and spare parts side of your business. We support a wide range of material handling, with functionality that encompasses complex slotting and a granular understanding of what it costs to fulfill orders by SKU, by customer, and by channel. It is our goal to make your job easier and to make the aftermarket parts you work with easier to find for both you and your customers.

Efficient Automated Part Kitting Process In Manufacturing

For those that are looking for kitting for manufacturing or kitting for the inventory management industry, Fapco, Inc. also offers viable solutions. Plenty of time and money is wasted trying to manage inventory in the manufacturing industry but with a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program you can save time and money. Pairing with Fapco as your VMI can save you time, money, and overall effort quality control and your kitting and fulfillment.

Our automated kitting and assembly process is highly standardized and monitored to provide the most accurate kits possible. Machines in the automated process weigh each kit to ensure that each part is present. Our highly calibrated machines have the capability of detecting even one missing part making for a highly accurate process. Inventory management is a drain on your business if it is not properly streamlined and Fapco, Inc. has the ability to create the streamlined process that can make a huge difference in your overall success. As a leader and pioneer in contract packaging and parts flow management we know what works and what does not.

Finding Your Kitting Solution With Our Reliable Kitting Operations And Assembly Services

Our kitting and assembly solutions can make any OEM’s process more efficient and profitable. Contact us to discuss kitting solutions for your industry and we’ll develop a full plan to ensure the best possible end-user experience and handling of your parts or products. Regardless of what your company needs for fulfillment kitting and assembly services, we have the resources and expertise needed to complete the job.