Industrial packaging, warehousing and distribution services

Industrial packaging, warehousing and distribution services

Fapco is a highly experienced and award-winning national leader in industrial contract packaging, inventory management and warehousing and distribution

Long before recent market industry reports predicted growth in the contract packaging industry, Fapco already served as an industry leader in full-service industrial contract packaging services. Smithers Pira announced that the contract packaging industry expected four percent annual growth, reaching an expected $975 billion by 2018. One contributing factor to Fapco’s growth is that the company partners with each customer to deliver outstanding industrial contract packaging solutions and helps customers increase profits and reduce costs.

Industrial contract packaging

Fapco understands that in-house packaging takes a great deal of time, increases costs and potentially results in large initial investments in equipment, operations training and management and automated packaging technologies,

Fapco has all the industrial contract packaging equipment and latest automated packaging technology to help ensure outstanding full-service industrial packaging and exceptional quality control.

Additionally, the company understands an important factor that many OEMs do not consider. As a long-time industry leader and recipient of numerous industry-related awards, Fapco excels among contract packaging firms in helping customers brand customer loyalty. When customers warehouse, package and fulfill a wide variety of parts to loyal OEM end users, it can result in reduction of internal packaging and fulfillment costs.

industrial contract packaging services

Warehousing and Distribution Services

Fapco is much more than a contract packaging company. Fapco President and Founder, Larry Gardiner explained that the company buys parts direct, runs quality assurance testing on each piece, then after following custom packaging and kitting procedures, warehouses and ships the parts for distribution or aftermarket business as needed. By using Fapco as a Tier One parts supplier, OEMs realize lower overall inventory and cost of ownership. Customers no longer have the frustrations of dealing with multiple parts suppliers, resulting in fewer mistakes and reduced costs.

Fapco also has extensive experience in warehousing and distribution in retail. Small and large manufacturers realize potential substantial savings by avoiding in-house packaging, warehousing and distribution services. Manufacturers benefit from the fact that Fapco’s team of experts walks manufacturers through the process of “Making their products and parts case ready for sale.”

Detailed Inventory Management Services

Avoid expensive costs related to storing your products in high cost warehousing facilities by trusting Fapco with all your inventory management warehousing needs. With nearly 409,000 sq. ft. of production, warehouse and storage space, the latest technology, along with a wide range of contract packaging capabilities including kitting, spare parts packaging, warehousing, order fulfillment and purchasing, Fapco does it all for you.,

Fapco has the expertise to expertly maintain consistent and precise logistics, distribute product back into your distribution network when needed or “Ship direct to your servicing dealer network or consumers, with just-in-time delivery.”