Intricate inventory management

Intricate inventory management

Industry leader Fapco provides JIT inventory warehousing, expert Material Flow and Resource Planning and critical OEM parts replacement

Critical OEM parts replacement

Fapco does not falter when customers need to quickly recall and replace either a few thousand or tens of thousands of safety-related critical OEM parts in the field. In fact, Fapco has extensive experience in OEM parts recall campaign in both industrial and automotive industries. Fapco realizes the critical importance of minimizing the potential negative impact on your reputation and quickly sets about with expert team members, the facilities and equipment in place to effectively and quickly handle all aspects of your critical parts recall campaign. We can meet any of your needs regarding critical OEM parts replacement to give you the best results.

Recall campaigns are an inevitable part of the business at some point and Fapco understands this. Automotive industry recalls potentially affect thousands or even millions of vehicles. Whether in the automotive industry or industrial industry, Fapco is poised to receive critical spare parts from manufacturers and then package with replacement and special handling instructions. We have worked with many different customers throughout the years to provide them with reliable parts and services to help them avoid the inconvenience of nonfunctional OEM parts.

Fapco works diligently to quickly distribute the parts through your existing spare parts distribution network or directly to your dealer network or even to the end consumer. You avoid the strain on your facilities and staff because Fapco accomplishes all aspects of critical OEM parts replacement within 48 hours from receipt to the shipment of critical spare parts.

Material Flow and Resource Planning

Fapco has the expertise to fully support the enterprise resource planning and material flow for all customers, from the smallest to largest manufacturer. The company recognizes the importance of investing in systems and technologies to fully handle all aspects of material flow and resource planning. Fapco therefore utilizes state of the art QAD MFG Pro ERP system, utilizes EDI for communication with suppliers and customers and operates a full suite of distribution ERP software to offer crucial support for customer data exchange requirements.

Staff working in material flow and resource planning have extensive experience in full business application development, system design, programming networking and project management skills. With our experience and expertise, we can give you the best achievable results with every service. You’ll benefit from some of the best material flow and resource planning services available anywhere. We have everything you need to ensure that you get what you need with every solution we provide.

Fapco made substantial investments in its information systems infrastructure, recognizing that the investments made are critical for ensuring the future success of Fapco’s customers.

JIT inventory Warehousing Done Right

When you choose Fapco for your inventory warehousing, you gain the advantage of having the advantage of the Fapco consistent, precise logistics and just in time stock control. You won’t need to worry about any aspect of your inventory warehousing operations going overlooked with our comprehensive and customizable services, based on your operation’s specific requirements.

There are several advantages to just in time inventory warehousing, as pointed out by Small Business Chron. Contributor Bonnie Conrad explains that JIT inventory warehousing features the capabilities for companies to become more efficient and competitive, allows for serving customers more efficiently and results in less waste.

Fapco has the capabilities to handle all your inventory management and contract packaging solutions. Contact us at any time to discuss your project’s specific needs and we’ll help you with some of the best services available anywhere. We’re ready to give you a fully customized solution, such as for parts kitting or cold seal technology, that gets you the results you want.