Automotive Contract Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution Solutions

Automotive Contract Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution Solutions

Fapco provides world-class automotive contract packaging, Tier One automotive parts fulfillment, warehousing, distribution and inventory management solutions

Automotive contract packaging Services

Fapco is well recognized for its exceptional automotive parts packaging solutions. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of time and money on in-house packaging, Fapco’s customers turn to the company for all their automotive contract packaging needs. This is primarily because of the innovative packaging solutions that alleviate challenges often experienced by customers attempting to do everything in-house.

Forget about running out of space, spending a great deal of money on initial investments and struggling with labor, inventory and automotive parts inventory management, warehousing and distribution issues. Reduce overhead, lower labor and other costs with Fapco’s innovative automotive parts packaging services.

Tier One Automotive Parts Fulfillment

Fapco partners with their customers to provide outstanding automotive parts fulfillment services, including managing the ordering and inventory of components, assembly, kitting or packaging the parts into a completed unit. Once the process is completed, the units are completely ready for distribution.

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When Fapco becomes your Tier One automotive parts fulfillment and dealer network distribution partner, you save time, free space and resources to concentrate more fully on your business.

Check Out Our Inventory Management Solutions

Fapco takes pride in its just-in-time inventory management services. Rather than store your inventory in multiple locations in different cities or in high-cost warehousing, Fapco provides 409,000 square feet of space for all your inventory management, contract packaging, warehousing and distribution needs.

By concentrating all your inventory management service needs in one location, you have the satisfaction of knowing that Fapco essentially works as an extension of your business. The company provides all your packaging, warehousing and distribution solutions, while you concentrate on core business matters and benefit from lower overall costs.

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The Key to Warehousing and Distribution

When Fapco received a major quality award, Operations Manager, Scott Sloniker stated that winning the award, “Is such a testament to all our team members working together as one.” Working together to provide outstanding warehousing and distribution solutions, along with innovative contract packaging solutions is just one of the exceptional capabilities of Fapco team members as a whole.

Utilizing its award-winning warehousing, warehouse inventory management, contract packaging and distribution capabilities, Fapco ensures that from a single bolt, up to complete frames and body panels or retail fulfillment, you receive consistent expert warehousing and distribution services.

Focus on production and other particulars of your business while Fapco handles parts distribution direct to your servicing dealer network or directly to the end consumer.

A recipient of numerous industry-related awards, Fapco provides world-class contract packaging and warehouse inventory management solutions. Whether its automotive contract packaging or cold seal packaging, Fapco Inc. will work to help your business grow.