Contract packaging solutions across multiple industries

Contract packaging solutions across multiple industries

Industry leader Fapco provides award winning contract packaging solutions, parts flow management and JIT inventory management across multiple industries

Automotive Distribution You Can Count On

When you entrust your automotive parts fulfillment to Fapco, you eliminate the need for multiple suppliers, time and space associated with in-house fulfillment services. Fapco has the expertise to take customer engineering, design and component specifications, manage and order inventory components, then assemble, kit or package into a completed unit.

Fapco owns and manages the inventory, providing customers with the opportunity to free their space and resources for core business operations.

You do not have to worry about space, labor or risks associated with in-house automotive parts distribution when you trust Fapco with all your automotive parts distribution services. Fapco warehouses your inventory in one centralized location, offers pick and pack and spare parts distribution, whether your inventory consists of small parts or complete frames. Fapco then takes care of parts distribution to your servicing dealer network or direct to the end consumer.

Concentrate on the core aspects of your business and let Fapco handle all your automotive parts fulfillment and distribution services.

Industrial packaging and fulfillment at Fapco

Fapco does much more than automotive parts fulfillment and distribution. Many customers entrust Fapco with all their industrial contract packaging, inventory management and fulfillment solutions.

Whether your inventory consists of small parts or larger equipment, Fapco has more than 409,000 square feet of warehousing space to accommodate your contract packaging, fulfillment and distribution solutions.

When customers rely on Fapco for all their industrial inventory management fulfillment and distribution services, customers realize reduction in labor, internal packaging and fulfillment costs.

The company takes great pride in its high standards and state of the art information technology and quality systems that are all in place to handle almost any OEM equipment operation.

Retail Inventory management and Fulfillment Solutions

Fapco realizes the importance of today’s private label branding in the retail industry. Fapco has the capability to warehouse and fabricate materials and products for any private labeling scenario, including meeting demands of seasonal fluctuations.

Fapco helps both large and small customers to provide outstanding packaging, fulfillment and distribution solutions in the retail environment. Retailers want products to be packaged and shipped case ready, meaning ready to make integration into specific retail environments easy and foolproof.

The company even helps provide solutions for retail blitz campaigns. Fapco founder and president explains, “If the company is going to initiate a campaign or blitz associated with ads or flyers we will work with them to design and make ready a display package, and get the parts out to the shelves in advance of the promotional campaign.”

Fapco provides award-winning contract packaging and warehouse inventory management solutions.