Expert contract packaging, warehousing and distribution solutions

Expert contract packaging, warehousing and distribution solutions

As an industry leader in contract packaging solutions, Fapco has the expertise to provide all your warehousing and distribution services needs

Fapco, located in Southwest Michigan, is just one day away from 36 percent of the U.S. population and three days away from all points east of the Rocky Mountains. The company boasts more than 409,000 square feet of production, warehouse and storage space. We have everything your business needs for efficient contract packaging, warehousing, and distribution for many different types of products. The options are nearly unlimited, with the ability to meet your needs for any application.

What Are Warehousing and Distribution Services?

As a pioneer and world-class leader in the contract packaging industry, Fapco also has extensive experience in providing expert warehousing and distribution services. We have the capabilities to meet the needs of nearly any operation, with experienced and trained staff that can provide you with the best services available.

Fapco has the capability to continually maintain consistent and precise logistics, taking pride in what Fapco refers to as “Just in time” inventory warehousing management and delivery. We can maintain timeliness in even the most fast-paced warehousing and distribution environments.

Customers benefit from reduced operational costs and savings related to not having to make large initial investments associated with contract packaging solutions, warehousing and distribution, shipping materials, part returns and reverse logistics and private label products. You’ll be able to get some of the best services without needing to worry about going over budget. We aim to maintain affordability as much as consistently high-quality services. We can provide you with everything you need for the most efficient and cost-effective warehousing and distribution services.

Private label products

Fapco understands the importance of private label products and possesses the capacity, equipment and experience to support private label servicing needs. Fapco also understands that businesses are increasingly getting away from national brands and offering the less-expensive alternative of private labeling, a win-win for retailers and customers.

Through private labeling, you gain the satisfaction of knowing private label goods are only available from you, which allows for creating a unique brand identity, with control over labeling specs, pricing, distribution and sales. Fapco also provides fast turnaround, quickly packaging and distributing products, easily accommodating demand and seasonal fluctuations.

Parts return and reverse logistics services

Returned parts potentially results in a number of issues. Fapco realizes this and has the experience associated with handling OEM customer parts return and reverse logistics. Fapco effectively works with its customers to handle situations such as unauthorized or incorrect parts, as well as damaged parts. You can get everything you need with our services behind your business, without any of the complications that might otherwise arise with other companies.

Effectively operating as an extension of each customer’s returns department allows customers to focus on their core competencies, instead of focusing directly on parts return and reverse logistics services.

Shipping material solutions

Fapco works to provide ideal shipping materials solutions for every customer and product. Fapco designs custom packaging solutions, including the right inserts and runners, focusing on shipping materials that absorbs shock, protects surfaces, provides cushioning and takes aesthetic appeal into consideration. Ideal shipping materials stabilize and cushion, control movement, resist impact and protects against breakage.

Fapco goes above and beyond in providing shipping materials solutions, including offering the availability of shipping materials that are non-abrasive, along with a variety of protective coatings offering moisture and corrosion resistance. Fapco’s shipping materials provide superior strength and protection to prevent product damage during the shipping and handling process. In addition to warehousing and distribution, Fapco also offers other solutions such as small parts kitting and reliable cold seal packaging.