Shipping Material Solutions

Shipping Material Solutions

We can use innovative shipping materials to develop a customer packaging solution for you, or we can modify the ITW Reddi-Pac shipping materials with runners, inserts or custom lengths to fit your specifications.

Why might you need custom shipping materials?

Custom inserts, like foam box or corrugated runners, give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve. We can design and insert to meet your specifications. The custom packaging solution that’s right for you will depend on:

  • The fragility of your product
  • Handling and transportation conditions
  • Cushioning requirement calculations
  • Vibration assessments
  • Product design considerations
  • Material specifications

Foam inserts are durable, lightweight, will absorb shock, protect surfaces and provide cushioning.

Sometimes, the product you’ve packaged is very much the focus, and looking good is essential. Our custom packaging solutions take your reputation and desire for aesthetics into account.

Look to Fapco to design the right inserts and runners necessary to stabilize and control product movement, cushion, resist impact and protect against breakage.

Depending upon your product, you may need sides, ends, or edges protected and nestled in your packaging to prevent damage to your product, packaging, and any other objects the package may come into contact with.

We provide you with 360-degree solutions for your packaged products – even superior edge protection to prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. Our preformed 90-degree angles provide superior strength advantages for corner protection and allows for bulky products to be easily unitized.

We offer smooth surfaces and interiors that are non-abrasive to products. Many of our inserts, runners, and edges can be treated with a variety of protective coatings that offer moisture and corrosion resistance also.

Color printing is available for product identification and point-of-sale merchandising.

Fapco, Inc., is a leader and pioneer in contract packaging and parts flow management. Our four plants total over 409,000 square feet of space for your every contract packaging need, including: Versatile Packaging Bags Solutions, Blister Packaging Solutions, Carton Packaging Solutions, Clamshell Packaging Solutions, Cold Seal Packaging Solutions, Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions, and Skin Packaging – Skin Packaging Machine.

Looking for packaging material that is also friendly to the environment? Many of our custom solutions are also made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

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