Critical OEM Parts Replacement

Critical OEM Parts Replacement

When it comes to the quick recall of critical industrial and automotive spare parts, your reputation is on the line.

You need to quickly recall and replace tens of thousands of safety-related critical OEM parts in the field to minimize the negative impact on your reputation.

Why strain your existing facilities and people when Fapco is at the ready to receive the critical spare parts from the manufacturer, package with replacement and special handling instructions, then distribute either through your existing spare parts distribution network, directly to your dealer network or to the end consumer, if needed – all within a 48 hour window from receipt to shipment of critical spare parts.

We have extensive OEM parts recall campaign experience in the industrial and automotive industries and the people, facilities, equipment and location to quickly execute any critical parts recall campaign.

Located within one day of 36% of the U.S. population and within 3 days of all points east of the Rocky Mountains, Fapco is ideally suited to quickly get industrial or automotive replacement OEM spare parts product to your customers.

The Effect of Recall Campaigns

Multiple recall campaigns can affect millions of vehicles. And such campaigns do happen. Recall data dating back to 2004 shows that nearly 94% of all vehicles potentially affected by recalls in 2014 are manufactured by one of the top 10 manufacturers.

The same companies are also projected to have manufactured 92% of all vehicles in operation today. It’s the law of averages: the more vehicles a company makes, the more are likely to be recalled, and who is to say what part or when?

The more seamlessly you can address your recalled parts, the less negative press you are likely to hear, as some companies learn the hard way, when cars are recalled and the parts necessary to fit them are not available.

Fapco means peace of mind, if and when the time comes that you need fast and thorough recall campaign experience.

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