Packaging Trends to Be Aware Of

Since the dawn of time and the rise of intelligent men, innovation has been synonymous with design. The two concepts remain interchangeable, but only to a certain extent. In packaging design, for instance, ground-breaking innovation isn’t always as welcome as we designers would like it to be....

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What Defines an Exceptional Packaging Design?

Authenticity, transparency, practicality - a great packaging design is said to combine these three elements in a way that grabs the attention and delivers on the promise. But if this is the holy trinity of great packaging design, then what other features and elements help differentiate this...

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Medical Packaging Design Tips

Many manufacturers in the medical industry primarily focus on providing products of the highest quality, as they absolutely should. However, when it comes to packaging their products, they tend to think only about what’s inside the box, completely ignoring the actual box.

Medical packaging plays a vital role...

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