Tier One Consolidation Benefits

Tier One Consolidation Benefits

Fapco has experience with Tier One Consolidation for a number of large clients, including the Big Three automakers. But you don’t have to be a large company to benefit from Fapco’s experience. Companies who are ready to expand or take their business to the next level can benefit from their services, too. Big or small, Fapco can service the needs of companies located within a few hours of their facility in Buchanan, Michigan in many ways, including:

Shipping and Receiving

As your business expands, you’ll want to ship further and faster. The volume of activity at your loading dock will increase. Fapco can help. We have experience shipping to overseas ports, distribution centers, depots, terminals, stores, dealerships, and even to customer’s homes. Our staff’s combined experience can help your growing company fine tune your material and logistics management, with expertise in flex demand, private labeling strategies, bar coding, strategic fulfillment services, consolidation services, and container or overseas shipping. Not only can we provide the expertise that you need; we can also implement programs to help you save money. With Fapco, you’ll add a highly trained group of shipping, receiving, and distribution experts to your team without having to hire or train any additional staff. We can quickly and efficiently ship to or receive from anywhere to meet the client needs through their vast distribution network.


Don’t have the warehouse space or staff to handle the volume of parts you’re experiencing? Let Fapco provide the space you need off-site in one of their centrally located warehouse facilities. Our experienced staff will take care of your materials and you won’t need to hire or train new employees. Fapco can scale their services to fit your business levels as your company continues to grow. We can also leverage their buying power to lower the cost of the parts, such as small parts kitting, you buy on an every day basis.


Want a professionally packaged product that will help to further your company brand and look just like one of the big players in your industry? Fapco is a source of highly trained, flexible labor to meet your needs for packaging, materials management, and packaging design. We have packaging engineering capabilities to improve the design, quality, and durability of your packaged product. Partnering with Fapco reduces the training, labor, facility and equipment costs associated with packaging and warehousing in-house. We do the hard work and tackle the expense associated with packaging, and make you look like a star.

Whether its part kitting or cold seal blister packaging, Fapco Inc. will work to help your business grow. Get Started with Fapco Inc. today!

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