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Small Parts Kitting and Packaging

“Combine Fapco’s fully automated parts sorting and packaging capabilities with the expertise of a seasoned integrated parts flow management team that has been handling custom small parts packaging since 1970, and you’ve got the perfect, cost effective alternative to in-house packaging.”

Operations Manager for Fapco, Scott Sloniker, explained that Fapco has made small parts kitting and...

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Packaging Partner that Understands Market

Rob Kolecki is the plant manager for Fapco’s high volume packaging systems.  “We can run 33,000 spark plugs per shift.  In a three-shift operation we can run 100,000 a day on each line.  With two high volume chipboard lines, we currently have the capacity to run 200,000 spark plugs a day.”  The high volume chipboard...
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Automated Packaging for High Volume, Small Parts

Fapco excels in automated packaging kits of small parts and fasteners for inclusion with ready-to-assemble products or retail sale.  Kit packaging is supported by high-speed automated counting, weighing and quality control equipment for fast, consistent production. Fapco is heavily invested in machinery and automated systems, such as automated part kitting and parts procurement, to expedite...
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