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Lean Systems Training and Continual Process Improvement

Lean systems training minimizes variability in manufacturing and business processes, improves the quality of service to customers as well as overall company throughput by identifying root causes and removing waste, defects, scraps and errors by incorporating Lean Systems methodologies into all processes. A variety of quality management methods and statistical analysis are used to better equip...
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Spare Parts Management and Purchasing Provides Cost Savings and Competitive Edge

Major OEMs Partner with Fapco on Tier One Parts Purchasing Programs Taking the complexity and cost out of spare parts management is at the core of Fapco's successful Tier One Parts Purchasing Program. “When we purchase parts, receive them in-house and convert parts and products, we essentially become part of the manufacturing process supply chain,” states...
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Immediate Benefits of Spare Parts Supplier Consolidation

Five Immediate Benefits from Starting the Tier One Supplier Consolidation Process

The process of spare parts supplier consolidation can seem daunting for OEMs. That’s why we began a three part series of articles in our last newsletter entitled “Three Steps to Begin the Tier One Supplier Consolidation Process.” The first article answered the burning question facing...
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