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Automated Packaging Technology Increases Your Bottom Line

The question is, “Can you really afford to do this in-house?”  Fapco already made the investment in packaging equipment, operation training, automated packaging technology and facilities so your company does not have to.  Perhaps the question should be, “Can you really afford not to partner with Fapco for your retail contract packaging needs?” Take a close...
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Fastener Packaging Supplied for Flex Demand Retail

When Trinity Logistics, a major fastener supplier to the OEM assembly market, wanted to venture into selling product to retail through their own branded catalog, Fapco was able to receive product in its bulk state, package it in the quantities needed, and fulfill it back to Trinity to handle the retail demand. “They sell their fasteners...
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Contract Packaging and Branding Assures Loyalty

“Most OEM companies don’t realize that contract packaging firms like Fapco can help brand customer loyalty and increase profits.  We can help OEMs by strategically reducing internal costs, improving the supply chain flow of these accessory parts and help create new profit centers that many manufacturers are too burdened to deal with,” states Fapco President,...
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Employ a Contract Packager for Seasonal Demands

“OEM manufacturers and accessory parts suppliers can drastically reduce internal labor and equipment cost during high-demand seasonal periods by partnering with a full service contract packaging firm such as Fapco,” states President and Founder of Fapco, Larry Gardiner.  Begin the Process of Partnering with a Contract Packager for Seasonal Flex Demand

1. Make a thorough review...

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