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Small Parts Kitting and Packaging

“Combine Fapco’s fully automated parts sorting and packaging capabilities with the expertise of a seasoned integrated parts flow management team that has been handling custom small parts packaging since 1970, and you’ve got the perfect, cost effective alternative to in-house packaging.”

Operations Manager for Fapco, Scott Sloniker, explained that Fapco has made small parts kitting and...

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Fapco Integrates IT Systems Seamlessly

There are several reasons to use Fapco for your parts fulfillment needs, including saving money on labor, shipping, distribution and warehousing costs. Fapco’s dedication to make your business run more smoothly doesn’t end there. Their IT systems are set up to work seamlessly with your existing shipping, receiving, and accounting infrastructure.

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Automated Packaging Technology Increases Your Bottom Line

The question is, “Can you really afford to do this in-house?”  Fapco already made the investment in packaging equipment, operation training, automated packaging technology and facilities so your company does not have to.  Perhaps the question should be, “Can you really afford not to partner with Fapco for your retail contract packaging needs?” Take a close...
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QAD EB2 Systems Improves Real Time Process

Fapco continuously upgrades its Quality Assurance Department (QAD) software to improve supplier performance and customer satisfaction. Heading up this effort is Fapco General Manager Scott Sloniker. He has been working for the past year on the Fapco team to upgrade the in-house software capabilities to QAD EB2. This will provide significant enhancements for Fapco customers and...
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