Contract Packaging Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Contract Packaging in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re in need of reliable contract packaging solutions, warehousing and distribution, or inventory management in Grand Rapids, Michigan, turn to Fapco Inc. to provide you with topquality products and dependable service. We use the latest technology along with some of the best packaging systems available to meet the needs of many types of companies across a wide range of industries, helping maintain both efficiency and profitability.


Get High-Quality and Versatile Contract Packaging Solutions in Grand Rapids

With exceptional quality control processes behind our services, we can ensure consistent quality for all packaging that we manufacture. In addition to some of the best materials to complete jobs of any size, we also offer versatility in our packaging designs to give you exactly what you need.

We offer a wide range of packaging types depending on your specific needs, including kit, bag, blister, cold seal, clamshell, carton, skin, and spare parts packaging. We’ll tailor our services and products to meet nearly any specifications.

Grand Rapids Warehousing and Distribution

In addition to dependable contract packaging in Grand Rapids, we also offer warehousing and distribution services that can meet the needs of nearly any type of application. Our staff has the experience and capabilities necessary to provide you with top-tier service that can keep operations smooth and cost-effective, with plenty of warehouse space available.

We can meet warehousing and distribution needs for a wide range of products, including private label products. We also understand the issues that can come with returned parts and can provide reverse logistics services to handle them. We also have the ability to provide top-quality shipping materials that can offer sufficient stability and cushioning for all of your products from storage to delivery.


Inventory Management in Grand Rapids

Fapco is capable of providing reliable inventory management in Grand Rapids that can meet your specifications regarding material flow and resource planning, along with the replacement of critical OEM parts. You’ll be able to benefit from inventory management that provides consistently precise and accurate logistics, along with just-in-time control of stock. We’ll meet all of your individual requirements, whether you’re a small or large manufacturing company.


Get Services You Can Count on Today

Whether you’re in need of top-quality contract packaging solutions, efficient warehousing and distribution, or comprehensive inventory management, Fapco can give your business what it needs to maximize ROI and keep your products safe from damage and misplacement at all times.