Employ a Contract Packager for Seasonal Demands

Employ a Contract Packager for Seasonal Demands

“OEM manufacturers and accessory parts suppliers can drastically reduce internal labor and equipment cost during high-demand seasonal periods by partnering with a full service contract packaging firm such as Fapco,” states President and Founder of Fapco, Larry Gardiner. 

Begin the Process of Partnering with a Contract Packager for Seasonal Flex Demand

1. Make a thorough review of your supplier base

Simply put, is your supply base ready to help you meet your flex parts fulfillment or kit packaging needs? This involves gauging how much inventory is out there, how much inventory you want in the network coming through the fulfillment house and how much product is in the pipeline to replenish the contract packager to support the campaign.

2. Assess your current parts packaging/distribution/warehouse system. Do you currently have a parts distribution warehouse system?

If not, where can you build in efficiencies using the full range of services from your contract packaging and fulfillment supplier? You may want to consolidate all your suppliers to ship, warehouse and fulfill through your full service contract packager during these peak periods.

3. Are there procurement opportunities with your contract packaging partner that can expedite the supply chain?

Well-established, full service contract packagers such as Fapco can actually procure the parts directly from your supply base during peak demand periods. This can expedite the supply chain dramatically. In this scenario, parts are ordered and purchased by the contract packager. Once received parts are packaged and shipped or warehoused based on historical peak demands.

4. Work with the full-service contract packager to streamline and customize your packaging needs.

How does this flex demand packaging usually ship and is there a better way? Is it in bulk boxes, point of purchase or point of sale materials—from clamshells to blister packs for rack hanging? The team at Fapco will work closely with your flex demand campaign managers to make sure the packaging is right to save you time and lower your costs. Whatever your packaging and display guidelines and specifications, Fapco works to make them better and less costly.

5. How is the product coming in and what is the plan to fulfill?

Is the product coming in raw in an overseas container? Will Fapco be purchasing some components directly? Once this is determined what will the flex program actually be? Many manufacturers ship specific numbers of seasonal parts to distribution centers or dealerships based on previous years’ demand.

Others support the launch of new products, equipment or vehicles with estimated seasonal bundles. Fapco has the experience with a wide variety of OEMs to help your company work through this seasonal program in the most efficient manner. And see our part kitting services.

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