Lean Systems Training and Continual Process Improvement

Lean Systems Training and Continual Process Improvement

Lean systems training minimizes variability in manufacturing and business processes, improves the quality of service to customers as well as overall company throughput by identifying root causes and removing waste, defects, scraps and errors by incorporating Lean Systems methodologies into all processes.

A variety of quality management methods and statistical analysis are used to better equip employees and identify sources of waste:

  • Each process, and the associated ISO documentation, must be reviewed continually to look for process improvement, waste, and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Key Process Indicators are reviewed to track and monitor the impact of any process change to ensure targets for cost reduction, increased profitability, and satisfied customers’ goals are met.

Lean systems training requires company culture change. Having a management team committed to building a culture on lean process principles and continuous process improvement is key to success.

At the core of our evolving culture is our company mantra, ‘We Delight Our Customers,’ Continuous process improvement will be an ongoing company-wide focus in order to meet evolving customer demands. We continuously look for opportunities to involve Lean Systems training to ensure we accomplish our goals of:

  • Eliminating wasted steps
  • Reducing inventory levels
  • Finding a better way to accomplish the same task
  • Improving our customer service

Our commitment to delighting our customers lead us to the development of a Tier One Parts Purchasing Program which provides the quality and cost savings our customers require.

The Fapco Tier One Parts Purchasing Program is evolving into a cutting edge program. OEM customers are continually revealing more and more specialized requirements, such as:

  • OEMs are discovering they no longer wish to keep their purchasing department function in-house as it is becoming too cost prohibitive.
  • OEMs are looking to Fapco as a Tier One supplier to take on, not only purchasing of parts, but also the inspection, inventory management, warehousing and order fulfillment operations.

Nothing shouts, “get better” more than having great customers with high expectations and this is what drives the Lean System way of thinking at Fapco. Our management team is dedicated to and employees are embracing the Lean Systems training and concepts. The associated cost reductions have already begun to provide a win-win situation for our employees and customers.

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