Fapco Inc. Showcases New Website

Fapco Inc. Showcases New Website

Fapco Inc. has launched its revamped and upgraded website giving users an easier-to-navigate website that emphasizes Fapco’s capabilities and services. The site includes pages about Fapco, the history of the company, quality of service and company values.

A link to Fapco’s pressroom allows users to view Fapco’s current press releases and newsletter articles containing news and information about the company.

Most importantly, for customers who need solutions to managing parts flow, cost cutting and driving unsurpassed performance, the website highlights Fapco’s complete list of services.

A drop down view lists all the types of packaging Fapco has to offer. Each packaging type is a clickable link that leads to further explanation. For a condensed version, a matrix of all packaging services is provided to show which applications complement each packaging or value-added service.

A separate page shows Fapco’s capabilities including Tier One Services, Distribution, Warehousing, Information Systems, Private Labels, Daubert Cromwell, Reddi-Pac Distributorship Capabilities and Recall Campaigns.  Fapco is a reputable and well known leader in Spare Parts Management, Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution.

Visit our website at www.fapcoinc.com to see the many ways Fapco can solve your business problems. Whether its plastic clamshell packaging or cold seal blister packaging, we’ll work to help your business grow. If you see the solution your business has been looking for, give us a call for further information. And if you don’t see a service that exactly fits your need, contact us and speak to a specialist!

Fapco’s New Capabilities DVD Now Available Online!

Fapco’s new “Capabilities DVD” is now available on their website to extend the reach of Fapco’s most dependable, high-quality packaging and parts flow management services in the industry. The DVD emphasizes that partnering with Fapco will keep your business parts operations running smoothly by utilizing Fapco’s equipment and many years of packaging experience to handle low, medium, or high-volume products at a much lower cost than your in-house operations.

Fapco emphasizes high quality service with fast turnaround time. Fapco’s goal is to pack and ship 60 percent of parts within 24 hours of receipt. They also consistently achieve 98 percent turnaround within 48 hours.

Advantages of partnering with Fapco to do your packaging and parts flow:
• Focus on your core business
• Save on equipment costs
• Save labor costs
• Save space in your facility
• Reduce packaging materials, inventory and costs

“When it comes to packaging, nobody does it better than Fapco!”

View the entire “Capabilities DVD” with images of the facilities and operations by visiting www.fapcoinc.com. The video is located in the “About Us” section. To receive your own copy of the DVD, call us today at 800-782-0167!

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