Fastener Packaging Supplied for Flex Demand Retail

Fastener Packaging Supplied for Flex Demand Retail

When Trinity Logistics, a major fastener supplier to the OEM assembly market, wanted to venture into selling product to retail through their own branded catalog, Fapco was able to receive product in its bulk state, package it in the quantities needed, and fulfill it back to Trinity to handle the retail demand.

“They sell their fasteners in multi-levels–50 per box to 500 per box.  In which case we receive and retain the product in bulk, and package to whatever their sales network requires,” explains Fapco Operations Manager, Scott Sloniker. “It was an unknown how the ordering would go.  There was replenishment built into the system for mid and max levels.  This is where we really shine on handling flexible capacity to retail.”

He went on to explain that since Trinity is a major supplier of fasteners to the agricultural industry, where their catalog is distributed, the flexibility to drastically increase shipments timed with spring plowing and fall repair are key. Distribution is to the individual farmer and to the distributor retailer.

Dan Zehnder, CEO of Trinity, explains how Fapco helps meet the flex demands of his retail catalog Ag business.  “Fapco helps us by being a highly responsive organization. They handle short notice requirements that must be dealt with immediately.  Their processes allow for the flexibility to deal with interruptions that may occur.  If you have the time to plan ahead that’s great but when an urgent order comes through, Fapco handles it as well,” he states.

Zehnder explains that Trinity sets up retail programs with perimeters that predetermine for each dealer what parts quantities will be.  This includes forecasting peak and valleys during the year.  “We plan in advance when we are coming into a busy season.  Fapco then ramps up in advance of that to handle our packaging needs.  They are always working with us to look ahead to see what’s coming.  Good forward planning with a partner like this is key.”

Zehnder expects his fastener packaging partnership with Fapco to grow as Trinity opens new markets. “Trinity and Fapco are in the process of developing more integrated systems with more automated data operating systems to increase accuracy and increased their involvement with our distribution network.  We want our relationship with Fapco to grow.”

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