Medical Packaging Design Tips

Medical Packaging Design Tips

Many manufacturers in the medical industry primarily focus on providing products of the highest quality, as they absolutely should. However, when it comes to packaging their products, they tend to think only about what’s inside the box, completely ignoring the actual box.

Medical packaging plays a vital role in the way consumers experience a particular brand, so it definitely deserves a bit more planning and innovation. If you underestimate the power of packaging, you may miss out on a lot of opportunities, from losing your customers to competitors that grab their attention with a compelling design to losing them because your packaging is simply not of the highest quality.

Here are the most important things to consider for your medical packaging.

Eye-Catching Structure and Dimensions

The structure and dimensions of a package are what instantly catches one’s attention. Coming up with an interesting package shape to make sure that it’s enticing enough to stand out from your competition. However, be sure not to sacrifice any part of the package’s visual design.

High-Quality Outer Materials

If you package medical supplies, devices, and other medical equipment in regular, brown cardboard boxes, you won’t stand out. Also, that specific packaging material doesn’t exactly stand for quality. Instead, go for white, glossy packaging that is instantly associated with the medical industry and indicates cleanliness and sterility.

Don’t Ignore the Inside of a Box

The inside materials of your packaging are just as essential as the exterior and the actual product inside. Use materials that will protect the products and keep them secure in transit. Particle-free packaging will protect your products from contamination. Be sure that the materials are durable, breathable and tear-resistant so that the products remain sterile.

Color and Graphics Matter

White is associated with purity, but you should consider adding your brand colors as well. Use the colors and graphics of your brand, so that consumers instantly recognize your company. Colors trigger emotions, so think about the color psychology when choosing colors for your package design.

Consider the Unboxing Process

The unboxing process is extremely important, but it often doesn’t seem to receive much attention. You must think about the ease of opening a package in times of emergency because enabling your customers to quickly access your products in times of need is definitely more important than all aesthetics. Therefore, make sure that your packaging is practical, which is also something that the FDA highly recommends.

In the medical industry, the most important aspect is the products, so manufacturers don’t give packaging as much attention as they should. Of course, they address the question of sterility but don’t think much about aesthetics.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and boost your medical packaging selling power, you should definitely consider the aforementioned tips. Also, be sure to work with packaging professionals who will know how to properly test your packages to ensure that they meet all the FDA requirements. If you have any other inquiries about medical packaging, contact the packaging experts at Fapco.

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