Qwik-Crate Cutting Edge Solutions for Mower Blades

Qwik-Crate Cutting Edge Solutions for Mower Blades

Fapco is an authorized distributor of Reddi-Pac™ products.  When a Tier 1 lawn mower blade manufacturer was having problems with handling and shipping replacement private label blades for dealer and retail sale, Fapco solved the problem with the Reddi-Pac’s Qwik-Crate™ packaging system.

“The customer was having problems with the sharp blades shifting and cutting through the corrugated containers they were shipped in,” said Scott Erickson of Fapco.  “The blades were damaged and the potential for damaging other freight and injuring people was running high.  In addition, stacking exposed blades on the shelf was causing cuts when employees or customers tried to pick up the blades,” he said.  “The customer looked into the use of clamshell packaging, but the high cost of tooling and the initial order quantities made it uncompetitive for small to medium volume blades. We solved this cutting edge problem with Qwik-Crate.”

Qwik-Crate™ laminated paperboard packaging provides superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection.  Ideal for longer packaging applications, Qwik-Crate’s patented fold-over design eliminates the need for separate end caps and provides end protection for handling and stacking. Its simple, yet durable construction makes assembly easier and faster than other packaging methods.  With no up-front tooling costs and low minimum order quantities, Qwik-Crate is ideal for low to medium-volume applications and new product introductions.

Qwik-Crate has an excellent surface finish that can be used for private labeling and point-of-purchase displays. Its exterior is white clay coat, but other surface finishes can be accommodated, which can include protective coatings as well as color printing.

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