What Are the Benefits of JIT?

What Are the Benefits of JIT?

Just-in-time inventory (JIT) enables companies to reduce overall overhead expenses while making sure that parts are still available when manufacturing products. Many businesses use JIT warehousing systems to serve customers more effectively while making business more cost-effective.

Reduced Warehousing Costs

Storing large amounts of inventory can be costly, but lowering the amount of inventory you keep stored can reduce carrying costs. Companies that implement JIT inventory models can ultimately reduce the number of warehouses they need to maintain, or even enable them to get rid of the warehouses entirely.

Improved Supply Chain Management

JIT inventory warehousing systems can also assist companies by improving their efficiency and competitiveness regarding how they handle supply chains and assemble their products. An optimally efficient supply chain can lower manufacturing costs, which can also influence customer costs, making your products more affordable while increasing market share.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Using the JIT inventory management model can also lead to increased customer satisfaction, as companies are able to serve them with more efficiency and speed. Companies have more control over the manufacturing process, which makes it easier to issue a quick response when customers request a change. For example, a computer company may use the JIT model to more quickly increase production of a particularly popular model while reducing the number of outdated and unsold products.

Decreased Waste

When companies make use of the traditional method of managing inventory, they can end up with pallets of unsold units that wind up as waste. The company may be required to slash prices to get rid of this unsold inventory, which can also reduce the value of other products, but using the JIT inventory model can help reduce this waste and increase response time.

Using the JIT Model for Many Industries

There are many different business across a wide range of industries that can use the JIT inventory model for their businesses, particularly those that experience frequent demand for inventory while requiring a way to reduce overhead and other costs. Nearly any operation can benefit from the JIT model as a way to improve efficiency and reducing costs.


While it can be beneficial, implementing JIT inventory warehousing isn’t simple. There can be many difficulties regarding receiving, fulfillment, and shipping, and a single misstep could cause additional issues that require resolving. However, through careful planning prior to implementation of JIT inventory models, companies can stay prepared and effectively manage it, resulting in less of a headache once implemented.

You’ll see a difference in the way your business functions as a result of implementing JIT along with other solutions that make processes more efficient while promoting profitability.

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