Why Use Clamshell Packaging?

Why Use Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging is one of the best types to use for a wide range of products. This type of packaging features a hinge that opens and closes, similar to a clam, hence its name. There are several reasons why you might benefit from using this packaging over others for products.

Choose from a Range of Options

There are multiple types of clamshell options to use for a variety of products. For example, a basic clamshell is ideal for takeout foods or fruits. Different shapes are also available to fit the shapes of the products they contain, such as drills and other tools. Products that come in multiple parts can also be contained within a clamshell that has several separate cavities. Products that need to stand up on shelves can also use a tri-fold design that enables them to do so.

Ultimately, you can fully customize this packaging to meet virtually any product specifications.

Keep Products Protected from Tampering

Another benefit of using clamshell packaging is the tamper-proof nature of these containers. A heat-sealed clamshell will make it difficult for shoplifters and others to open the packaging and tamper with the product. Consumers can then use scissors to cut the edge of the packaging to access the product at home once purchased.

Moisture Resistance

Heat-sealed clamshell packaging is also moisture-resistant, keeping products safe from any potential damage caused by water buildup in the container. Subsequently, this will extend the product’s shelf life.

Durability and Strength

Although clamshell packaging tends to be lighter than other types of packages, it’s highly durable and strong enough to keep products protected from physical damage until they’re opened. You won’t need to worry about the product being damaged at any point during shipping or handling.


The materials used to construct clamshell packages, while tough, are also cost-effective. They’re made of minimal materials, which makes the cost lower for companies that want affordable yet durable packaging for their products.

Prominently Display the Product

Transparent clamshells are great for showcasing the products they contain. Packaging can also be designed with hooks to hang high on shelves, making the products easier for consumers to spot in a store. The layout of the clamshell can also make sure that all components of a product are visible in the packaging, letting potential buyers know exactly what is included.

All of these benefits make clamshell packaging one of the most appealing options for many companies and consumers alike. You can customize them to meet your product specifications and keep them protected from packaging to shelving or delivery. At the same time, you’ll be able to save money without compromising the quality of packaging.

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