Automated Packaging Technology Increases Your Bottom Line

Automated Packaging Technology Increases Your Bottom Line

The question is, “Can you really afford to do this in-house?”  Fapco already made the investment in packaging equipment, operation training, automated packaging technology and facilities so your company does not have to.  Perhaps the question should be, “Can you really afford not to partner with Fapco for your retail contract packaging needs?”

Take a close consideration at automated packaging technology before considering any in-house packaging possibility.

The Auto Bagger with Printer

This machine is designed to fill, seal, label for identification, and is adjustable from small to larger bags.  It can handle a variety of sized parts, such as for custom small hardware parts. Fapco bagger sealers will increase production, simplify the bagging operation and decrease packaging costs.  Fapco has over 20 baggers of different levels of complexity.  Average cost around $35,000, total Fapco investment, over $800,000.

Cold Seal Packaging

If you are hand picking and packing items into boxes, cartons, poly bags, bubble or padded mailers, then Fapco’s automated cold seal machinery could be a very cost effective and labor saving option for you. Cold Seal packaging works to create a secure, movement free package ready to ship.  Fapco has two state-of-the-art cold seal machines—Average cost, $85,000, total Fapco investment, almost $200,000. 

Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging is the process of adhering a flexible plastic material to a printed-paper board for the purpose of packaging a product for display, shipping or protection. Product instructions, pictures, warnings, warranties, as well as prices and sizes can be printed on the back and front.  Fapco has two machines worth a total of $200,000.

Blister Packaging

Blister packs have been a popular choice in packaging for many years, providing a cost-effective means of effectively displaying a product line.  A blister package is made up of two separate elements: a transparent plastic cavity shaped to the product and its blister board backing. These two elements are then joined together with a heat-sealing process.  Fapco’s investment in blister packaging technology is well over $50,000.

Shrink Wrapping

One of Fapco’s most affordable solutions, heat shrinking is one way of sealing shrink film to a package.  After the shrink-wrap is cut and drawn across the package, a conveyor belt sends it through a tunnel, heating and sealing the shrink film.  It is one of the easiest packages to open.  Fapco has 5 shrink wrap lines with over $100,000 invested.

“Manufacturers make products.  That’s what they know.  They’re not necessarily good packagers or retail providers after the packing is complete.  Pulling this business in-house can be a volatile and expensive prospect.  If one of your staff is pushing in-house operations, call Fapco for a plant tour and we will provide you true, cost effective solutions,” concludes Fapco President, Larry Gardiner.

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