Automated Packaging for High Volume, Small Parts

Automated Packaging for High Volume, Small Parts

Fapco excels in automated packaging kits of small parts and fasteners for inclusion with ready-to-assemble products or retail sale.  Kit packaging is supported by high-speed automated counting, weighing and quality control equipment for fast, consistent production.

Fapco is heavily invested in machinery and automated systems, such as automated part kitting and parts procurement, to expedite any large volume small parts kitting and packaging challenge.

Steve Hurt, supervisor over a variety of Fapco’s automated systems, addressed this investment as he pointed out the attributes of the line in full production, “Just one of these bowl counters represents an investment of about $65,000.  It allows us to count small parts for packaging. We dump the bulk parts into the bowl, set the counter for a number to count, and an electronic eye counts the parts as they go into a hopper. Once it hits the count needed, it opens up the hopper then automatically drops it and seals it in the pre-printed bag,” he pointed out as the machine ran through its cycles.

The investment in these machines pays off by lowering the costs for Fapco customers and increasing the total efficiency of the operation.  “The first week running this set we did 250,000 parts in about four days in just one shift,” stated Hurt.

Automation gives Fapco the capability of packaging small parts into kits–such as six bolts, six nuts, and six washers bagged and labeled–at dramatically higher speeds and volumes than cumbersome in-house, hand packaging departments.

“We can also print out any information on the bag the customer wants.  A customer we have right now was hand bagging everything and were falling further behind each day.  After their first order ran they were amazed.  What took them one shift with six people working three days, we did it in one shift in one day with two people.  It’s an enormous savings on labor,” concluded Hurt.

Let Fapco’s Investment Pay Off for Your Company 

Fapco has the capabilities to provide you with some of the most reliable automated packaging for small parts. Using our solutions, you’ll benefit from packaging systems that can handle products in high volume while maintaining consistent efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here are a couple of those specific systems that we can implement in our operations to give you the reliable packaging that you need for a wide range of products. You can learn even more about our processes when you consult with one of our packaging professionals for a complete custom packaging solution.

The Kit-Veyor™

One Kit-Veyor has the capacity of fitting six bowls of different parts to be bagged together.  Six different parts are packaged into one bag automatically. The machine is loaded and then does the work with one operator. A precise scale at the end of the line double checks for missing components and expels any package with missing or extra parts.  The system is so adaptable it can be set up for a run in just a half an hour and can then run 50,000 pieces individually put in bags in one shift in any combination of kitting and packaging.

Label and Package to your Specifications

High-speed semi-automated systems such as Fapco’s Maximizer increase capacity for small to medium sized items (up to 3.5 in. X 3.5 in. X 10 in.)  This results in up to 20,000 units processed per shift.  Chipboard, clamshell, bagging, skin, blister packaging and up to six color printing is available in-house at Fapco.

Get Reliable Packaging for Small Parts in High-Volume at Fapco Today

Regardless of the specific needs of your application, you’ll be able to benefit from top-quality packaging solutions that serve as a worthwhile investment. Your products will be consistently protected from damage while helping ensure that your operations are efficient. We have all of the resources required to help you get exactly what you need today. Contact us today and one of our experts will be able to help you determine which solution is ideal for your business.

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