Packaging Partner that Understands Market

Packaging Partner that Understands Market

Rob Kolecki is the plant manager for Fapco’s high volume packaging systems.  “We can run 33,000 spark plugs per shift.  In a three-shift operation we can run 100,000 a day on each line.  With two high volume chipboard lines, we currently have the capacity to run 200,000 spark plugs a day.”  The high volume chipboard lines can be used to package any small or medium-size part— up to 31/2  by 31/2 by 10 inches tall— from fuel filters to thermostats. Our small parts fulfillment solutions can help maintain efficiency while providing you with top-quality products.

Fapco’s automatic bagging equipment can process individual or multiple items into a poly bag that is either preprinted in up to six colors and/or individually printed with product identification on each unit.  Bagging is an inexpensive and efficient method to package items not requiring extensive protection; Fapco bagged more than seven million items last year.

For the retail point of purchase channel, Fapco’s capacity in blister packaging, clamshell packaging or shrink-wrapping is equally impressive.  A single blister packaging machine can run at rates of up to 18,000 units a day.

High volume parts packaging must be as agile and flexible as possible.  “If our customer needs us to provide single box parts or multi-box parts in an over-pack into a chipboard box, then in a corrugated box to be sent out individually in eight or ten box packs or even skid quantities, we can handle that,” said Kolecki. “There are even times that they want the raw stage parts right back at them to use in production, we can send it back in bulk. Keeping everything here in its raw state makes us more flexible.”

“Remember when you go into the big box stores you can buy one part, or you can buy a contractor pack of 24. Whether it’s a plumbing component or an electrical switch, we are prepared to package and fulfill products in any volume the customer requires,” he said.

Bar coding is usually pre-printed on the card or box but Fapco has the ability to run labels in high volumes as well.  “Bar codes can carry part and lot numbers or carry customer specific information or logos, whatever the customer needs.”

From a seasonal aspect, Kolecki explained Fapco provides a safety net for spikes in demand. “If they have automated equipment in-house, they may run millions year around, and then give us the overflow to handle when they have seasonal spikes in their business.  Whether it’s snow blower parts in the winter, lawn irrigation parts in the spring, or outboard motors in the summertime, when the customer gets hit with peak seasonal demand, that’s when we gear up with the additional capacity for our customers.”

Quick changeovers are also an important factor when looking for a private label parts supplier and a packaging partner.  “Labor is very expensive.  Fapco specializes in flexible setups to run different products and different product groups all in one day.  This is hard to do cost effectively in-house,” concluded Kolecki.

Whether its warehousing or our cold seal shrink wrap solutions, Fapco Inc. will work to help your business grow. Get Started with Fapco Inc. today!

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