Strategic Packaging Partnerships Benefits

Strategic Packaging Partnerships Benefits

Trinity Logistics Corporation maintains an extensive product line that encompasses over 30,000 items.  Trinity Logistics’ management system is registered to ISO 9001:2000.  The company has been serving the fastener needs of industry and manufacturing with its origins from the family business dating back to 1948.  Trinity was formed in 2003 to specifically focus on OEM support with JIT management of parts, such as industrial replacement OEM parts, to the production level.  The company also supplies aftermarket support for both branded and generic hardware. It maintains facilities in Davenport, Iowa; Burlington, Iowa; Wichita, Kansas, Benson, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota.

President of Trinity Logistics Corporation, Tim Dunn, explained the evolution of his relationship with Fapco, “We started providing aftermarket support in 2004.  At that time we were simply providing bulk product to the OEM and they were managing the packaging.  The problem for the OEM was because these were small, low volume components; they had trouble with inventory management, packaging, and fulfillment.  These are the kinds of management issues that the OEMs just wanted to get off their plate.”

He explained in 2006 Trinity agreed to provide parts in “Dealer Ready Form” bagged, boxed or otherwise specified to Trinity from the OEM.

“We started with a small firm doing this packaging and quickly discovered the demands of this type of strategic arrangement was going to outgrow that company’s capacity.  Then we considered doing this packaging ourselves which included acquiring the needed equipment and many other major investments.  In our research to benchmark what was needed to do this job well, we found Fapco,” explained Dunn.  “We quickly learned that the investment required to do this job well in-house at Trinity had a much longer payback and didn’t make any sense compared with the opportunity to partner with a large specialty provider such as Fapco.”

The partnership that now exists between Trinity Logistics and Fapco allows both companies the opportunity to provide greater, more effective OEM dealer and distribution support than either company could handle on their own.

“What we would have been able to do on our own was simple polybagging, boxing and packaging.  With Fapco we do more complex kitting and far broader array of services than we ever could in-house.  We made the decision in the last quarter to launch a project to test Fapco’s capabilities and within a month we became absolutely convinced that Fapco could do everything and then some.  Since that time we have been adding to the relationship not only with the number of parts they manage, but also the scope of the services they provide through us.”

Scott Erickson of Fapco summed up the new strategic packaging partnerships with Trinity explaining the benefits to the OEM.  “The real net benefit to the OEM is that they reduce inventory thereby reducing their working capital investment.  They get products distributed in a form that is the most compatible to the dealer or retail level.  In addition, Trinity becomes an extension of our supply chain resulting in greater agility for fastener fulfillment, and more competitive pricing through higher volume purchasing,” he concluded.

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