Fapco Assists Repackage of One Million Plus Spark Plugs

As a major OEM supplier reached an end-of-life cycle point with over one million spark plugs labeled under an older brand for a major automaker, the parts were still viable; but the part numbers had to be switched to the next generation.  The packaging experts at Fapco were called for this cumbersome re-packaging job.“The major...
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Fapco Implements Improved Customer Service with Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a production planning and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. The new Fapco MRP system is software-based, and seamlessly integrated as just one module of its Enterprise Resource Planning systems.An MRP system, in the realm of contract packaging, is intended to simultaneously meet three objectives to better serve...
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Cutting Edge: Fapco Works Towards New MMOG Certification to Better Service Clients

A challenging economy and fluctuating fuel prices have made transportation, materials, and logistics management more difficult than ever for manufacturers. That’s why it has become so important in recent years for OEMs to focus their attention on supply chain management issues such as customer requirements, capacity constraints, contingency planning, sub-tier capability, resource allocation, and employee...
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Partnering Solutions: Fapco Knows Retail Fulfillment

“Manufacturers both large and small can actually reduce overhead costs and become more agile by integrating their contract packaging and retail fulfillment systems with a full-service firm like Fapco,” said Fapco President Larry Gardiner.There are two types of customers that Fapco Inc. can help with retail packaging and fulfillment:
  1. Large manufacturers who may be used to...
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