Your Packaging and Color Choice

Many people don’t know this, but the choice of color significantly matters when your brand and products are in question. The good thing is, your customers’ subconscious mind can be easily swayed through simply changing your product’s packaging colors.

Everything revolves around small details which play an...

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Eco-friendly Packaging Trends

The packaging market is growing exponentially. The industry has to adapt to the new and emerging trends in order to stay within the legal boundaries and meet the new demands and needs of ecologically aware clients.

This is why we can see a number of new materials...

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Skin Packaging vs. Blister Packaging: Which is Better?

Blister packaging and skin packaging are both popular among companies for a variety of reasons, which can make it difficult to choose between the two depending on the packaging requirements for certain products. One of the key differences is the perceived value of the packaging in a retail environment. Blister packaging has the highest perceived value,...
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